Brief history of Chup

During the Great Lockdown, a group of software developers, architects, engineers, data scientist, mathematicians and designers get together NOT to just create another queue application - but to develop world’s only solution to one of the longest problem - hours of unnecessary waiting in our lives.

Right after COVID Pandemic hits the world, with the social distancing rule, it is discovered that people had to line up very long to go just about anywhere.

And Healthcare industry was the worst hit (and still is) since nobody can predict what time doctor would be finish with patients. And this could create hours of backlogs.

Since the beginning of 2020, Chup has been programmed with more than 2000 (and counting) logics and scenarios.

Chup takes past data, manual input by the front desk with customers and combined it with live situations at the premise to re-organize the queue or bookings in real-time.

Also, this congestion control algorithm working in the background then will automate most of the works such as notifying pre-arrival customers and arrived customers.

The goal is simple: to make sure they wait as minimum as possible AT THE PREMISE.

Chup is world’s most dynamic congestion management solution that adapts to real-time situations at the premise.

How works

Chup works as easy as ABC. They still wait, but they can wait conveniently at their home. Because waiting at premise feels muchhh longer.

Customer receives a text message from their clinic

Customer joins live queue or set an appointment

Customers gets live update so they can be at the clinic as minimum time possible according to live situation of the clinic

Customers have the option to inform if they will be late or have arrived

Customer gets called when their turn arrives

Customer gets served on multiple services (if any)

Customer rates the services and leave a review

How you want your customers to join your waitlist or book time.

Chup supports multiple ways for your customers to signup and you can pick the one that your business and that your customers will enjoy.


Customers receive text automatically


Via web link at Google, or your site


Customers receive text automatically


Sign up via a tablet


Sign up via a tablet

Why works

Why Chup may solve your queue problems compared to other solutions on the market.
Dynamic Queue System

Using Machine Learning algorithm, the app will work around the serving time, emergency breaks, delays and all situations that are happening on the premise to ensure customer gets updated Estimated Waiting Time (Live Queue) or a new re-appointment time (Appointment Bookings)

No App to Download

There is no app to download for your user or your premise as every thing will be on the cloud. For existing customers, just upload your data and they do not have to do anything as the system will send notifications once the time comes.

Self booking, self queue and self cancellation

Your customers are able to do every thing by themselves and avoid lengthy phone calls with receptionist to do bookings, join live queue, reschedule or cancel and inform any delays or arrivals.

Automatic frequent Reminders

The app will remind your queue positions for live queue. For appointments, the app will send notifications as default - 1 day, 4 hours, 2 hours and 30 mins prior so they can plan and don’t forget.

Walk-in merge with Appointments

Most appointments and queue app will fail because in reality there are walk-ins and appointments. Chup works by merging these two complex situations flawlessly.

No hardware to purchase

Chup works on the cloud. You do not have to purchase any hardware if you choose not to. You can even run your premise 100% using mobile phone. As long as there is internet connection at your premise. TV and Tablet are optional.

Emergency break

In reality, providers may have to go out for breaks for few minutes to few hours, the app can inform and re-arrange the appointments and live queue people so they can plan to keep waiting in other places and be back right on time or choose to reschedule themselves.


Saloon / Spa
Government services

How can benefits you

Solve your queue issue

Nobody likes waiting, ever. If you solve this issue, you are one step ahead than others.

More business and Recurring customers

When you appreciate people’s time, they will leave your premise with good mood and appreciate you more by telling others

Important Insights and Data

You can assess the bottlenecks of your business for example how long are the waits for specific resources or services and take immediate actions.

Staff happiness all the time

Say goodbye to harsh customers who lash out on waitings or overtired staff.

Flexibility on breaks and working time

Need to step out, need to close? Need to take make few phone calls? Go ahead. Every one will be informed so they don’t have to come too early and wait unnecessarily.


Customers have the option to leave review so you can improve your business or Google Review (optional) if they are satisfied with the service

Parking Problem

With people coming at exactly their slot, your limited car park will not be an issue anymore


Intelligent Congestion Management Solution
- all done automatically via WhatsApp

Others Queue App

Our features are designed and develop not to be another queue app, but to really solve the problem

Self-booking & self-cancellation

Automatic Frequent Reminder

Email Notification

No App to Download

Dynamic Queue

WhatsApp Notification

Walk-in merge with Appointment

Emergency Break

App Q
App Y

Our Policy

We are so confident we can solve your long queue issue

No cure.

No pay.

Only pay when we solve your problem.

Chup is world’s most dynamic queue and appointment application that adapts to real live situation at the premise so people will be notified before visiting.
Chup enables your customers to make self-booking, self queue, self cancellation or even reschedule by themselves.
Customers will get live updates and automatic frequent reminders according to live situation of the clinic.

Our pricing is custom depending on your business situations such as how many customers you serve daily, how many messages will be sent each day, how many premises, resources, stations and services will operate. Contact us to get free quotes.

You can start using Chup for your premise if you have internet connection at your premise with minimum one smartphone OR a laptop OR a tablet to manage the queue.

For now, we have launched in Malaysia. Please contact us if you like Chup to be available in your country!

We designed Chup to be as user friendly as possible. You may onboard with minimum 2 hours training program.

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